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Ashley thorpe

Pro Board 2019

Director of Marketing and Client Services


About Ashley

Ashley enjoys helping people and organizations tackle important problems. She's the Director of Marketing and Client Services at an Insurance Technology startup in Manhattan. As one of the first employees, she’s been involved in all aspects of planning and launching their SaaS solution. Today, Ashley spends her time working with clients and using their feedback to define the company’s marketing and product strategies. She will graduate with an MBA, specializing in Managerial Analytics, this February. Inspired by 2 younger sisters, Ashley is excited to help the Movemeant Foundation expand their reach and empower young women. 

When do you feel like your most powerful self?

I feel the most powerful after completing a challenging workout, especially one that pushes me outside my comfort zone. My first rock climbing experience comes to mind as it was the most terrifying and rewarding activity I’ve done to date. There’s something about overcoming fear and fatigue that makes me feel like I can conquer the world. With that said, it doesn’t have to be that extreme. I feel the most powerful on days when I wake up early, have a healthy breakfast and get in a good workout. When I have important client meetings I make sure to start my day with some movement.

Who inspires you?

It’s so important to have a positive role model growing up. My role model was Mia Hamm, one of the the greatest female athletes of all time. Most people know her from the US Women’s National Soccer team and their 1999 World Cup win, her famous “anything you can do I can do better” Gatorade commercial with Michael Jordan that challenged the status quo by putting male and female athletes on the same level or her quote “My coach said I ran like a girl, I said if he could run a little faster he could too.”

She made a huge impact on women’s soccer and inspired many young girls, myself included, to work hard and pursue their dreams on and off the field.