This is your moment to surprise yourself, take your own breath away and WERK.


It took a single moment to change way I viewed myself, it was during my first SoulCycle ride and the instructor calmly said, "take your own breath away". That was all I needed in order to realize I am worth it. My gift to help others came with the realization that we are all worth working hard, not for others but for ourselves. We can single handedly change the way we see our own reflection if we realize that we do not need anyone else to sweep us off our feet, we can take our own breath away by being entirely who we are, humans who are perfectly imperfect!

My Choice of Movement:  Sonoma Cycle Fit

Fun Fact:  I love to make little kids do jumping jacks! Have you ever seen a 3 year old do jumping jacks? I promise you will find pure joy in the lack of coordination and pure happiness they exude. 

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