Everyday and experience brings challenge, and without challenge there is no change...remember you are strong enough to embrace both the challenge and the change so that you can live a life you love and that you can love yourself. Breath, dream, believe, keep having faith in your journey and it will all happen!

After earning my masters in Social Work with a Clinical Focus, I decided my heart wasn't in it. I felt I needed to pursue a career in fitness and wellness in order to achieve my goal of empowering and influencing as many young women as possible. I want them to see that movement can be enjoyable and doesn't need to be about maintaining a "perfect" image. Through openness and honesty about my own experiences with body dysmorphia, obesity, eating disorders, and the like, I hope to serve as a relatable example of someone who has worked through these difficult issues. I'm excited to show young women that they can find ways to move that they love and look forward to, not because they are trying to be the skinniest they can be, but because they are learning to love their bodies and selves.

Fun Fact:  I'm extremely flexible!

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