Life isn't some narcissistic game you play. It all matters--every sin, every regret, every affliction.


Never have I felt as comfortable, empowered or daring as I did when participating in the Dare to Bare NYC event! The vibes from all those women and men were out of this world!! Now, I am so excited to be a part of the Foundation as an Ambassador. My goal as a Movemeant Ambassador is to incorporate my role in my community as a Police Officer into my role with the Foundation. To be able to promote physical and mental strength personally and professionally in a positive and healthy way is a dream come true. I'm determined to let women of all ages know that it's ok to personify strength, to not feel ashamed for not fitting the stereotypical idea of what a woman needs to look like or how she should conduct herself.

Fun Fact: I'm a proud mama of two pups, Merry (Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback) and Chaley (Pitbull). Another fact: my mama and I road-tripped Thelma and Louise style across the U.S.

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