Janna Harris, Dallas, TX

Janna Harris, Dallas, TX

"i'm all about balance."

I truly believe that health, fitness and overall happiness can only be achieved when you the find the balance between physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. No guilt. No shame. Just a healthy mix of all of the things you love. That means spin in the AM and cocktails in the PM. Yoga for breakfast and a cupcake at lunch. NO GUILT! Just balance. I believe in that. I live that...


My Choice of Movement:  Barre in Your Bedroom 

Fun Fact:  I have a constant travel bug! I'm always looking for the next, beautiful, place to explore. 

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Jessica Bradshaw, Plano, TX

Jessica Bradshaw, Plano, TX


I started my blog as a tool to encourage women to develop a strong self body image, become more confident, and share my passions. I love living life through community, and I have found the fitness communities I have been involved in to be the best. As a school counselor, I see the need for young girls to have positive role models and teach them to love their individual differences, encourage and support one another.

Profession: Elementary school counselor & Foodie, Fitness, Lifestyle Blogger

Fun Fact:  Along with blogging and counseling, I am a wedding photographer and assistant to my husband and love it!

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Erin Henke, Fairfield, NJ

Erin Henke, Fairfield, NJ

"To find and breathe through the uncomfortable."

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Years ago, I fell into a hole of trying so hard to "fit" into a look. Exercise was a way to make up for indulgence; it was a punishment. But now I see that movement is not a chore. It is a privilege. I move my body because it has set me free. Now, as a Barre 3 Instructor and Studio Manager, I'm working on a new masterpiece—teaching people see themselves first before looking into the mirror. 


My Choice of Movement:  Barre 3, SoulCycle

Fun Fact:  Summer going into Junior year of high school I graduated from State Trooper Youth Week Camp.

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