Joanne is a mother of two daughters sharing her journey towards a happier and healthier life, one rep at a time.

Joanne became a mother at 21 and when her body changed dramatically after being pregnant she began slowly to hate my self image. She struggled getting into shape and paid little attention to her health.  Her low opinions of herself was something she believed to be modesty, until it  became a form of self hate that escalated into a form of self destruction and depression. 

In July 2013, Joanne started a fitness/health journey with a coach. She struggled everyday, but did not allow her self-doubt win.  She began to feel more energized, happier, and the fighting spirit that was within her started to burn brighter. 

This journey was about eating healthier, cleaner, and to view food as a way to fuel her body and nourish it for her workouts and cardio sessions. Now she hopes that by sharing her journey, you'll find a sense of connection to your own, where you can learn to love yourself enough to make the changes towards your dreams.


Instagram: @gofitjo



June 2015 Challenge: Being confident enough to work out in a public setting in a sports bra has always been a dream of mine, not because I wanted to show off my body, but because I wanted to be comfortable enough knowing I love being in my skin despite my flaws and insecurities. So tomorrow I say to hell with my fear. I'm going to #daretobare and train in my sports bra in the gym!

JOIN ME and my June #daretobarechallenge and get active in your sports bra and say: to hell with my fears, I'm going to show the world I love being in my skin, despite my imperfections!