Half Colombian and half Mexican - can you say spicy? - Jenny comes from a musical family and is always up for an adventure. This self-proclaimed hippie loves hanging out and listening to reggae music, but don't let her relaxed attitude fool you. Jenny is motivated and motivating, pushing her to find strength with each pedal stroke at SoulCycle. 

LA-based Jenny is also a commercial actor and the Official Miss Chiquita. In 2003, she was chosen to be the legendary brand ambassador from a National search. Since then, she's been been teaching both kids and adults about the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

June 2015 Challenge:  My June challenge for  proves you can stay home and still get your fitness on.  With the help of YouTube, OnDemand, countless Apps, (& in my case, an old school DVD) you can maximize your time from the comfort of your living room. I don't always want to be around a huge crowd to sweat. Yes, this outspoken SoulCycle instructor sometimes has a little social anxiety. I love to stay home. I'm a multi-tasker. Late night laundry & leg lifts. Dishes & crunches. Doesn't matter where or what time...just move.

Instagram:  @cjennyc

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/cjennyc