Founder/CEO, Bold Betties

Niki's philosophy on being bold:  When you’re frightened of something and then you do it, your confidence expands. Being bold makes you want to be even bolder. It’s infectious and addictive. It’s shown me that making my decisions based on passion is okay.

Why she believes it's important for women to engage in outdoor sports:
A lot of us think that we have to have a man involved to instigate or to do things outdoors with because we can’t survive on our own in the backcountry: We don’t know how to start a fire or pitch a tent. But once you start doing that stuff either on your own or with a group of girlfriends, you realize that you can. It gives you a sense of independence, which is important at any age.

Instagram: @boldbetties

June 2015 Challenge:  For those who don't know, I used to love hip hop dancing and in 92/93 some of my best memories were with my crew, 3D! SO, June's Dare to Bare challenge is going to be a SHIRTLESS hip hop dance class, appropriate for total beginners! Details to come soon via and FB - stay tuned!