Founder, CEO of Movemeant Foundation and Senior SoulCycle Instructor

Life-changing moments often come when they’re least expected, and that was true for Jenny: pedaling a stationary bike in a studio in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, sweltering under a gold lamé jacket. After becoming a SoulCycle instructor only a few months earlier—a career move that brought her face-to-face with a lifetime’s worth of body image issues— Gaither used her sweaty, endorphin filled classes to advocate for strength, empowerment and self-worth. But when the 22-year old led a Rihanna-theme ride and found herself too self-conscious to shed her gold lamé jacket, she was faced with the uncomfortable truth that her journey of self-acceptance was only beginning. Four years later, that journey inspired her to found the Movement Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to empowering young women to feel confident in their bodies by providing them with tools to be active. 

Instagram:  @jennygaither


June 2015 Challenge:  To teach in a sports bra every Friday for the entire month. It's a real fear you guys... 🙈 AND I teach a triple on Fridays. Here we gooooooo. Who's with me?!