Become a Movemeant Foundation Ambassador.

Each year, we select a handful of inspirational leaders from across the country who help us defy what’s possible when it comes to getting people moving. They are amplifiers for our mission, taking a proud stand for those suffering from body image issues, physical inactivity and the emotional and psychological consequences of an unrealistic standard of beauty.  Could you be one of them?

The Who.

Enthusiastic, community-minded individuals whom are passionate about creating nationwide awareness for body-positivity, healthy eating and the benefits of an active lifestyle.  There is no requirement to be a fitness instructor.  No requirement to be a blogger either.  But a solid foundation and following in the health, fitness, nutrition and body image space lends greater credibility.

The Expectations.

  • Host at least one Movemeant Foundation Fitness Fundraiser.  This can mean everything from hosting a private yoga class to organizing a group run to hosting a bar night at your favorite watering hole.  
  • Fundraise a minimum of $350 for Movemeant Foundation’s grant recipient program. This can be accomplished with the above or through your own imaginative channels.
  • Post a minimum of 1x per month on social media utilizing hashtags #movemeant and #meanttomove
  • Aid in the recruitment of other like-minded individuals with shared interest in social change

The Return on Investment.

  • Widespread exposure on Movemeant Foundation’s social media to grow your own visibility
  • A guest blog post on Movemeant Foundation’s website
  • Movemeant Snapchat takeover
  • The opportunity to network with other ambassadors and influencers
  • Support to make your Movemeant Foundation Fitness Fundraiser a success (social promotion, digital marketing collateral)
  • A limited-edition Movemeant Foundation Ambassador only hoodie
  • A Movemeant-branded trucker hat and tank