Thank you for joining our movemeant. You were hand-chosen from a breadth of applicants to join our select group of ambassadors.  The Movemeant Foundation Ambassador toolkit provided below offers you the steps required to participate in our ambassador program. We hope that you’ll go above and beyond to rally your communities to join our cause.

With your help, we’re taking a stand for those suffering from body image issues, physical inactivity and the emotional and psychological consequences of an unrealistic standard of beauty.  Let’s make change for the young women of our country. 

Why Your Role is Important.

Our country is experiencing two divergent, but not mutually-exclusive social issues.  Physical inactivity that leads to heart disease, diabetes and obesity and impossible beauty ideals that lead to eating disorders, body dysmorphia and mental/emotional health issues.  Regardless of the path, they both lead to the same young woman:  one with low self-worth and little connection to her body.  

To combat the issues that plague girls today, we fund life-changing health and fitness programs that transform the lives of young women across the country.  We focus on movement and how that movement can impact mindsets.  We create programming for young women to move, in many cases for the first time.  And most importantly, with your help, we're developing a community and conversation around redefining the existing beauty ideal using health and fitness as the catalyst for making change.

Stay Connected.

For immediate questions or concerns, email us here.  Or get in touch with your Ambassador Team leader:

Lauren McAlister:  ljmcalister24@gmail.com         Emily Hochman:  ebhochman@gmail.com